Class 11 English Notes PDF 2078: New Guide Book PDF

Class 11 English Notes PDF 2078: All Chapters | New Curriculum | Summary and Textbook Solutions | Class 11 English Guide Book PDF.
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Class 11 English Notes 2078 PDF
Class 11 English Notes PDF 2078: New Complete Guide Book PDF

In this post, you will find class 11 English notes in two different broad categories. One contains complete notes in a single pdf and another contains a chapter-wise collection of notes.


This book is a complete manual for Compulsory English (Grade 11).

Class 11 English Guide: Complete Notes

Hey! Now you don’t have to search for notes here and there. Because here is all that you need. With many unique features, we are providing this PDF for you.

Version: 1.0

Size: 2.17 MB Only (261 Pages).

PDF Type: One PDF for All Units (Notes).

PDF Features:

  • Solution of All Chapters.
  • Simple and Easy to Understand Answers
  • Based on New Syllabus (2077/2078) issued by CDC.
  • High-Quality PDF.
  • Very small storage is needed. Only 2.25 MB in size.
  • INDEX/Table of Contents.
  • Completely free.
  • Runs offline.
  • No Ads, No Distractions.

Class 11 English Chapter Wise Notes: Download Link

Here you can just download the notes of a chapter(s) you need.

PDF Type: One PDF for One Chapter/Unit (Notes).

Status: Complete Notes Available for all units.

Section I: Language Development

1Education and HumanityExercise
3Media and SocietyExercise
4History and CultureLink 1: Summary
Link 2: Exercise
5Life and LoveLink 1: Summary
Link 2: Exercise
6Health and ExerciseSolution Guide
7Ecology and DevelopmentExercise
8Humour and SatireExercise
9Democracy and Human RightsExercise
10Home Life and Family RelationshipExercise
11Arts and CreationExercise
13Career and EntrepreneurshipExercise
14Power and PoliticsExercise
15War and PeaceExercise
16Critical ThinkingExercise
17Globalisation and DiasporaExercise
18Immigration and IdentityExercise
19Travel and TourismExercise
20Science and TechnologyExercise

Section II: Literature

Short Stories

1The Selfish GiantSummary and Exercise
2The Oval PortraitSummary and Exercise
3God Sees the Truth but WaitsSummary and Exercise
4The WishSummary and Exercise
5Civil PeaceSummary and Exercise
6Two Little SoldiersSummary and Exercise
7An Astrologer’s DaySummary and Exercise


1Corona SaysSummary and Exercise
2A Red, Red RoseSummary and Exercise
3All the World’s a StageSummary and Exercise
4Who are you, little i?Summary and Exercise
5The Gift in WartimeSummary and Exercise


1Sharing TraditionExercise
2How to Live Before You DieSummary and Exercise
3What I Require from LifeSummary and Exercise
4What is Poverty?Summary and Exercise
5Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s SurvivalSummary and Exercise

One Act Plays

2A Sunny MorningSummary and Exercise
3Refund Exercise

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