Puspa Shrestha is a free resource site for Class 11 and 12 students. Puspa Shrestha was founded by Dinesh Shrestha. The main goal of this site is to provide quality notes of all subjects for science students all over Nepal.

We are continuously providing notes/solutions for Compulsory English and Nepali for grades 11 and 12 since 2021. In the meantime, we have provided many pdf of question banks, solutions practical copies, model questions and some technical blogs.

We started officially in October 2021.

Puspa Shrestha is being run by a single person.

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Dinesh Shrestha
Dinesh Shrestha

Dinesh Shrestha, himself makes and manages content for this website. He believes in Karma and learning technical kinds of stuff is his hobby. His YouTube Channel is AR Dinesh. He likes to write blogs and make videos.

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