New Model Questions of Class 11 Science (All Subjects)

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New Model Questions of Class 11 Science (All Subjects)

You can download PDF of the new model questions of class 11 science from this post. It is from National Examinations Board, Nepal. It includes PDF for the model questions of all Compulsory Subjects (English, Nepali) and Other Optional Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer Science). So, you can download them separately.

All of these model questions are based on the new curriculum of class 11 that was implemented in the academic year 2077/2078 all over Nepal. This model question will be valid until there is another change in the syllabus.

What is new model question?

It is just an example of question paper for the exam. You can also make your own model questions with the help of a specification grid. Specification Grid is also included in the PDf.

Download Links (All Subjects)

Here is the list of download links for all the 7 subjects of class 11 science – Nepali, English, Computer, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each of the following PDF contains Specification Grid and Model Questions.

Please comment below, if any of the links didn’t work.


[PDF] Download Nepali Model Question Class 11 214.00 KB 5443 downloads

Download new model questions of Nepali according to the curriculums of 2077. …

[PDF] Download English Model Question Class 11 185.09 KB 3616 downloads

Download new English model questions based on the 2077 curriculums. …

[PDF] Download Computer Science Model Question Class 11 38.48 KB 2188 downloads

Are you looking for NEW Model Questions in Computer Science? You’ve come to the right…

[PDF] Download Maths Model Question Class 11 193.83 KB 3464 downloads

This Maths model question is based on the Nepal Curriculum Development Centre’s…

[PDF] Download Biology Model Question Class 11 356.71 KB 2955 downloads

A PDF of Model Questions for the Biology Subject is available here. This sample question…

[PDF] Download Chemistry Model Question Class 11 289.80 KB 4337 downloads

You can download a PDF of the recently released Chemistry model question, class 11…

[PDF] Download Physics Model Question Class 11 353 KB 4527 downloads

Here, you can download recently released PDF of Physics model question, class 11…

    Reference and Source

    National Examinations Board

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