Class 11 English – The Gift in Wartime Summary

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Class 11 English – The Gift in Wartime Summary and Exercise

Here is the Class 11 English – The Gift in Wartime Summary and Exercise. All of the questions have clear, concise, and easy-to-understand answers.

“The Gift in Wartime” is a poem written by Tran Mong Tu.

About Poetress

Name: Tran Mong Tu
Nationality: Vietnamese
Birth: 19 December 1943
Birthplace: North Vietnam


The poem has the theme of lamentation for the loss and meaninglessness of lives lost in war. She has presented the very bad impact of war on humans. She has shown her grief, loneliness, and terrible picture of war which snatched all her happiness of life.

Main Summary of The Gift in war time

The poet has used a very satirical title for those who give more importance to the power and demands for war rather than their lives. This poem presents a very clear vision of suffering and lamentation for the loss. Here, the speaker is a widow and through her character, she presents the painful feelings of her lonely life. So she wants to relay the message that war never provides happiness it provides gifts as death, blood, pain, suffering, loss, etc. The poet has presented this poem in seven stanzas.

First Stanza

In the first stanza, the speaker is offering roses to be buried in a new grave of her husband who recently died in the war. She also offers her wedding gown to cover the tomb which is still green with grass. Here, the speaker relates this stanza with her deep love and her feelings for her husband.

Second Stanza

In the second stanza, she talks about his bravery. Her husband was awarded the medals with the silver stars and yellow pips on the badge are still shining with the pride of his bravery. But now these awards are of no use and it is meaningless with his death.

Third Stanza

In the third stanza, she remembers her youth days where she offered her youth to him as a wife. They were in deep love but with the bad news of her husband’s death, the youth and her love life also end at her young age.

Fourth Stanza

The fourth stanza is related to the war zone where many soldiers died and for her, the dress of war only provides her with blood in return. War only brings a bad result for humans. It brings sorrow, pain, suffering, death, etc.

Fifth Stanza

In the fifth stanza, she presents her grief. She remembers her lovable person. with his death, her springtime of life has become cold, her eyes are filled with tears as the clouds in summer. She presents her deep sorrow.

Sixth Stanza

In the sixth stanza, she presents the effects and her pitiable condition. Now her lovable person has left her lips without a smile, arms without tenderness, eyes without sight, and the body without motion.

Seventh Stanza

So in the final stanza, she promises to meet him again in their next life and they can recognize each other by the shrapnel which indicates the picture of war and the causes of death.


So this poem presents the inhumanity and cruelty of war and its negative impact over a human with their dark future.

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