Class 11 English – Qin Dynasty Short Summary

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History and Culture Class 11 Exercise Solutions Unit 4 Complete Notes

This article provides a summary of the Qin Dynasty (the epic story of China). The whole lesson is given in the Book of NEB grade XI Compulsory English.

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Unit 4: History and Culture (Language Development)

Summary of Qin Dynasty:

Qin is also spelled as ‘Kin’ or ‘Chin’ dynasty that established the first great Chinese empire which lasted from 221-206 BCE but the name China is derived established the approximate boundaries and basic administration system were to follow for the next two millennia. The dynasty was originated by the state of Qin one of the feudal states into which China was divided between 771 and 221 BCE. So, between the middle of the third and the end of the second century BCE, the rulers of the king began to centralize the power creating rigid systems and laws that were applicable throughout the country. They have divided the state into a series of commanders and rulers by official appointment by the central government. Under those changes, Qin slowly began to conquer its surrounding state emerging into a major power of China.

Finally, in 246 BCE the boy king Ying Zheng came to the throne. He together with his minister Li Siu completed the Qin conquest and in 221 BCE created the Qin empire. Ying Zheng proclaimed himself with the name of Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of Qin. To rule the vast territory the Qin instituted a rigid authoritarian government. They standardized the writing system, standardized the measurement of length, weight, and width of the highway, abolished all feudal privileges, oversaw large-scale construction. To halt subversive thought, he ordered to burn all the books, except those related to agriculture and medical subject. Those harsh methods combined with the huge tax needed to pay for the construction projects, the war took its toll and rebellion erupted after the death of Shi Huangdi in 210 BCE.

Positive Points of the Qin Dynasty

  1. They have standardized the writing system.
  2. They also have standardized the measurement of weight and money.
  3. They extended and connected the Great Wall of China.
  4. They united the territories of China.
  5. They made equal laws for the rich and poor.
  6. Roads were built for faster communication and movement of armies.
  7. Strict laws were put in place and corrupt officials were sentenced to death.

Negative Points of the Qin Dynasty

  1. They burnt books and buried scholars alive if they disagree with the authority.
  2. They had severe punishment for crime.
  3. They buried peoples alive so that there would be none of the people smarter than him.

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism was the major social and political order in Medieval Europe. It developed as power passes from King to local lords.

Positive Points of Feudalism

  1. It is a self-sufficient system of governing.
  2. It provides a system of co-existence.
  3. It allows for the simplistic chain of command.
  4. Land management was incredibly easy.
  5. It protects the community from violence.
  6. This system helped people to develop the qualities like loyalty, bravery, generosity, and humility.

Negative Points of Feudalism

  1. It brings the gap between poor and rich or the class division.
  2. Although it provides unity in the local area it didn’t have the strength to unite large regions and could not effort big projects.
  3. It didn’t treat people equally or let them more up in society.
  4. Because there was no strong central government to apply (implement) the law and order it was easy o use force, violence, and lies to get one’s way.
  5. Most peasants were serfs. They were not allowed to leave their lord’s land. They were restricted in movement and even daily activities without permission.

Complete Exercise

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