Class 11 Compulsory English Textbook PDF 2079 | CDC Nepal

Class 11 Compulsory English Book PDF 2079 | Curriculum Development Centre | New Curriculum Textbook | Compulsory English Grade XI.
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Compulsory English Class 11 Book PDF 2079 CDC Nepal
Class 11 Compulsory English Textbook PDF 2079 | CDC Nepal

Class 11 Compulsory English is a textbook published by the Curriculum Development Centre for students of Grade XI.

Here is some basic information about the book.

Title: English (Grade 11)
Publisher: Curriculum Development Centre
Edition: 2077 BS (2020 AD)

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File Size: 3 MB

Total Pages: 340 Pages

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Section I: Language Development

Unit 1 – Education and Humanity

Unit 2 – Communication

Unit 3 – Media and Society

Unit 4 – History and Culture

Unit 5 – Life and Love

Unit 6 – Health and Exercise

Unit 7 – Ecology and Development

Unit 8 – Humour and Satire

Unit 9 – Democracy and Human Rights

Unit 10 – Home Life and Family Relationship

Unit 11 – Arts and Creation

Unit 12 – Fantasy

Unit 13 – Career and Entrepreneurship

Unit 14 – Power and Politics

Unit 15 – War and Peace

Unit 16 – Critical Thinking

Unit 17 – Globalisation and Diaspora

Unit 18 – Immigration and Identity

Unit 19 – Travel and Tourism

Unit 20 – Science and Technology

Section II: Literature

Unit 1: Short Stories

Unit 1.1 – The Selfish Giant

Unit 1.2 – The Oval Portrait

Unit 1.3 – God Sees the Truth but Waits

Unit 1.4 – The Wish

Unit 1.5 – Civil Peace

Unit 1.6 – Two Little Soldiers

Unit 1.7 – An Astrologer’s Day

Unit 2: Poems

Unit 2.1 – Corona Says

Unit 2.2 – A Red, Red Rose

Unit 2.3 – All the World’s a Stage

Unit 2.4 – Who are you, little i?

Unit 2.5 – The Gift in Wartime

Unit 3: Essays

Unit 3.1 – Sharing Tradition

Unit 3.2 – How to Live Before You Die

Unit 3.3 – What I Require from Life

Unit 3.4 – What is Poverty?

Unit 3.5 – Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s Survival

Unit 4: One Act Plays

Unit 4.1 – Trifles

Unit 4.2 – A Sunny Morning

Unit 4.3 – Refund


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