Basic Mathematics (Class 11) Sukunda Publication

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Basic Mathematics Class 11 Sukunda Publication
Basic Mathematics Class 11 Sukunda Publication

You can download a PDF of Basic Mathematics (Class 11) from this post. It is a book from Sukunda Pustak Bhawan. Scroll down to get download links and details of this pdf book.

About Book

Basic Mathematics (Class 11) is a book published by Sukunda Pustak Bhawan publication for students of Grade XI. You can download the PDF of this book from here.

Here is some basic information about this book.

Title: Basic Mathematics for Grade XI
Publisher: Sukunda Pustak Bhawan
Writer: D.R. Bajracharya, R.M. Shrestha, M.B. Singh, Y.R. Sthapit, B.C. Bajracharya
Edition: Reprint 2075

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File Size: 200 MB

Total Pages: 661 Pages


Want to know what’s actually inside this book? Consider the following screenshots for getting a general idea of this pdf book.

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  1. Why are you trying to make us download wrong file ?
    I have seen the other comments like this is from the previous syllabus .But I suggest you to please delete this pdf file as soon as possible .Many people may have already downloaded this old file and might have regretted like me. We dont want our data to be wasted because of your pdf file .I know that even if the syllabus is new,more than 40% are covered by this old syllabus book but still it doesn’t provide the other 50%-59%. Most of the chapters have been removed in the new syllabus and some new chapters are added .So, I request you to either renew the syllabus or to delete this.
    There may be new students in ashad who might use your website ,they might not know what new and old syllabus are. Nowadays there are more online classes due to which students dont really know if they are using the correct book or not . Most/every teacher just mention the publication but not the Xth editions.

    • Sorry to say but ma sanga naya syllabus ko book ko hardcopy vayeko vaye sajilai pdf banayera upload garidinthe. Ma yetiko lagi book ta pakkai kindina. So, mero koi friend sanga book raxa bhane ma upload garne xu.

      Thank you for concerning about it.

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