Class 11 English – All The World’s a Stage Summary

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Class 11 English – All The World’s a Stage Summary and Exercise

Here is the Class 11 English – All The World’s a Stage Summary and Exercise. All of the questions have clear, concise, and easy-to-understand answers.

“All The World’s a Stage” is a poem written by William Shakespeare.

Summary of All The World’s a Stage

The poem (sonnet -14th line poem) of Shakespeare is taken from his famous play “As you like it”. It describes the seven stages of human life and the seven acts of play which shows Shakespeare’s deep knowledge and transience of human life. The seven-stage of human life are as mentioned below.

1. Infant/Crying Stage: Our entrance is our birth and exit is our death. During a lifetime, each one of us must play many parts and each part is compared to an act of play. It is the stage of an infant who cries, vomits milk in the nurse’s arm.

2. The second is his boyhood or his period of going to school. It is the time when he complains all the time and starts with a fresh morning but is not willing to go to school because he is so much attached to his mother and the outer world is new and strange for him.

3. The third stage presents the youth of every man or a lover who is lost in his thought of love. The lover writes poetry about his lady’s beauty. The man adventures to love and romance in this age and composes poetry in praise of his lover.

4. The fourth stage describes a soldier who believes in competition, winning name and fame, how difficult and it may be. Because of their short-tempered, competitive, and aggressive nature, he may pick up a quarrel with anybody at any time by risking their life.

5. The fifth stage now shows maturity and wisdom with family life and represents a good judge. He leaves his anger and aggressive behavior. He changed into a fearful and healthy man carrying full of wisdom.

6. The sixth stage generally represents the older aged people who seem to be in pantaloon and with spectacles. His commanding voice has grown weak.

7. This is the last and strange stage of human life which has been occupied with four strange events that come to an end. In this stage, man becomes childish by nature. He forgets almost everything, memory became weak. He loses teeth, eyesight, and taste as well. It is the stage in which he completes the drama of his life and leaves the stage of the world for the next generation.

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