Class 11 English – The Selfish Giant Summary

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Class 11 English – The Selfish Giant Summary and Exercise

Here is the Class 11 English – The Selfish Giant Summary and Exercise. All of the questions have clear, concise, and easy-to-understand answers.

“The Selfish Giant” is a short story written by Oscar Wilde.


  1. The Child — the innocence
  2. Wall — unwillingness to accept others in life
  3. Winter — his cold nature
  4. The wind and the frost — suffering, agony, and solitude(single)
  5. Spring summer — represent happiness, joy
  6. Tree — self-realization
  7. The corner of the garden — the human life

Summary of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

The selfish giant is a popular fairy tale however there are a lot of symbols in the story which make it an allegorical story. The symbols used in this story have contributed a lot to intensify the meaning of the story.

The children are the most important characters who love to play in the giant’s garden. Here, children represent innocence. They played in the giant’s garden regardless of whom the property belongs to, however, the wall made by the giant restricted them from entering the garden. The wall represents the giant unwillingness to let others enter his life or property. The wall also symbolizes the selfish nature of human beings.

Similarly, when the giant arrives home, he rudely drives out the children from his garden. The winter takes over the whole change of his garden after he forbade the children from entering the garden. Here, the winter symbolizes the cold heart of the giant which keeps him isolated from love and happiness. The garden loses its beauty when the snow, wind, frost, and hail start ruling over there. The snow covers the grass, frost paints the trees, the wind roars around the garden. In this way, they represent the suffering, agony, and solitude of the giant. Furthermore, the corner of the garden is to symbolize his past deeds which lead to overall unhappiness in the garden.

When he saw the trees offering their arm to a child, he realizes his mistake and reflects on his mistake by helping the little boy to climb up a tree. He also destroyed the walls and allow children to play in his garden because he knew that it was him who kept the spring away. Spring, summer resembles joy, happiness, and prosperity which came back to the garden with the arrival of children.

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