Class 11 English – How to Live Before You Die Summary

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Class 11 English – How to Live Before You Die Summary and Exercise

Here is the Class 11 English – How to Live Before You Die Summary and Exercise. All of the questions have clear, concise, and easy-to-understand answers.

“How to Live Before You Die” is a transcripted essay from the speech of Steve Jobs.

Summary How to Live Before You Die by Steve Jobs

This essay, “How to Live Before You Die” is a motivational speech which has been delivered by the CEO and co-founder of Apple Computer and Pixar, Steve Jobs on 12th June 2005. This speech encourages not only the students of Stanford University but also the many people around the world. Here, in this speech, Steve Jobs relates three different stories based on his life which played a very vital role in shaping the experiences and journey of a successful career.

First story: Connecting the dots

The first part of Steve Jobs’ speech is about connecting the dots. Here, in this first story, he has narrated about his birth, adoption scene, and later struggle when he was young, he feels to make meaning of his life. He felt different experiences but started to make sense in the end. So, connecting dots is related to connecting life experiences to get the meaning of it. According to him, his biological mother was an unwed college graduate student who decided to put him for adoption before his birth so later he was adopted by the parents who were under graduated but persuaded his biological mother to sent him to college someday.

Steve joined an expensive college named Reed College at the age of 17 but later he dropped out in Reed College because he was not interested in the normal class. He was fascinated by beautiful posters and wanted to join Calligraphy instructions. So, he decided to join Calligraphy instruction in Reed College but after 10 years he used his knowledge of calligraphy as his skill when he was designing his first Macintosh computer. He designed the first computer with beautiful typography and later on his hardship turned out to be priceless. By looking back, he got the idea that how different dots kept on connecting themselves and support him to reach his real destination. His decision of dropping college, starting his course of interest, his experiences, hardship, trust in Karma, etc. moved along with his steps like different dots and made him successful.

Second Story: Love and Loss

The second story is about love and loss. Here, in this part, he has narrated his story related to the love and passion for his work and the loss of his company. As being successful at his early age, he and his friend Woz started the Apple Company in his parent’s garage. They worked hard and in 10 years period, the small company turned into 2 billion dollars company with 4000 employees. Later, he was fired from his own company so he started NeXT Company and after NeXT, he started Pixar Company which used to create computers with animated features kept. Later on, Apple Company bought NeXT company. He returned to Apple Company and mixed both technologies with his new visions. These incidences helped him to see life from a different perspective and able to dominate the IT market with his new vision so he wants to relate the message not to lose faith, love your work and keep looking for the work that satisfies you.

Third story: Death

The last or third story is about death. Here, in this story, he has narrated his death. He shares his experiences with cancer. He suffers from pancreatic cancer but never lost his hope. He became able to remove his cancer surgically. He says that we should enjoy every day as our last day. He says our time is limited so we shouldn’t waste it. We should utilize it before we die. Similarly, we mustn’t follow the crowd but instead, we should follow our heart. He also requests all to keep moving and exploring our potential.

Actual Speech of Steve Jobs
Actual Speech of Steve Jobs

Complete Exercise

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